Rigor Samsa

by Rigor Samsa

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released April 19, 2016

Performed by John Nels Blanchette, Andrew Mott, and Dylan Verner



all rights reserved


Rigor Samsa Portland, Maine

Rigor Samsa is a three piece shoeblaze rock band from Portland, Maine, USA. Influences range from Jeff Buckley, shoegaze, riff/stoner rock, Queens of the Stone Age, Red Fang, and Lionel Richie. We enjoy fuzz tones, vintage amps, loud snare, and drone jams. ... more

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Track Name: Red Barron (of the Shadow People)
Do you dream as I do-
With dark friends just out of sight?
Heavy breathing and locked-eyes
Compelled to move- but can not fight

The slender smoked arms
Ohh those slender darkened arms

Can't you feel them? Crepin' on your skin
Can't you feel that? Chest cavin' in
Cavin in

BEWARE- The Shadow People

Track Name: Otsie
Disappointment is the key
For deciding what life goals of yours are gonna be
Get up- pack up -and leave this scene-
because you know it's rubbish
But your best is not enough to come off as tough
Morose moods bypass any usual good stuff
You try not to look at the noose with love-
because you know that's rubbish

Otsi de crisse de tabarnak

Otsi de crisse de tabarnak

I regret to inform you that I'm not doing terribly well
All the thoughts of misfortunes have led me to my own personal hell
But all the things I've catered too- I guess I'll call on you just once
Track Name: F.S.U.
Lemme tell you the story
Of how CJ emptied the bar
He Sat down next to Tommy of FSU
And insulted his brand new gas guzzling car

Well Tommy didn’t take to well to this charge
And hinted ‘come at me bro’
CJ whispered just one little word
To start this quick war
To war! To war! To war- to war; he yelled….

He’s got a lose-lose solution- it’ll just fail
He’s got a lose-lose solution- fail

They’re standing fist to cuffs
Until their friends break the line
(each line is solid as a rock- each line is solid as a rock)
Someone yelled, ‘CHARGE- YOU FUCKERS- CHARGE!’
Those FSU boys took it as a sign
To war! To war! To war- to war; they yelled

He’s got a lose-lose solution- it’ll just fail
He’s got a lose-lose solution- fail

CJ should have let it be- But he’s a pimp instigator, you see
Mischievous smiles as he backs away
For all we know- he started the brawl- the blame of it all
Smiles and whistles while he walks away.
Track Name: March 19th
Wear a heavy coat to match the heady mind
As the Eastern Spells' winds do howl from time to time
It's been a blustery winter in Portland, dear
The never-ending whines result in hopes of Atlantic fear
That you are now head of your kin
Consoling with our skin- Holding us in

Please define your conversation
Please define

It's been 30-odd years or so
Since we've lived out our surnames
And in all the time we've found
It means nothing if you can't explain
What it means to truly love the great state of Maine
And through the bitterness of cold

Please define your complications
Resulting from gentrification
Please define your conversations
Resulting from gentrification
Now please define
Now please define
Track Name: Play Pretend
Well hold up honey I got a bone to pick with you
You said somethings in your sleep and I must know if they're true
Said some curses to my name that I cannot oblige
Please stop your crying when the tears are staining my lies
Staining my eyes

8:29 in the morning- we're still in bed
Filled with false pretense and two wary heads
You avoid me without a glance as you put on your pants
Turned to me as if to say "I didn't mean for it to come out that way"
Well It came out that way

8:34 in the morning we're still in bed.
Track Name: Poison
What good is a man who's got acres of land
But refuses to acknowledge his own aire
Lets the days go by- Idling the time
Until his non-existence evokes stares

Had the poison wrapped in his hand
Took the option placed on demand
Now he's my old man
Now he's my dead man

Respect now lost in a thick misty fog
Looking for questions when the answers just aren't there
Resigned from all the calls- standing not so tall
Unearthing things that aren't meant to share

Had the poison wrapped in his hand
Took the option placed on demand
Now he's my old man
Now he's my dead man

He's my dead man
Track Name: Agnos
I've given up to delusion
As my current distractions evolve
No use trying to figure out
If these moods are devoid of love

The impact reflects implication
The people give little- no care
Too many souls siphon off others
None of their essence to share
Buyers beware

Do you feel devotion?
Cuts the corners off of your charm
That little blue chip on your shoulder
Reminds us you've reached the epitome harm

Give in to self preservation
Give in to reasonable doubt
That you're not the one controlling the circle
That you're not the King o sound
King of Sound

je ne sais quoi